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Availability Calendar

High Season: Jun 27 - Sep 7, 2020

Click on the 'MONTH' tabs to see the available dates for that month. Note: 'high season' dates shown are by the minimum booking period (week), and for the 'low season', every day is shown, minimum 2 night booking. If availability is showing as undetermined, please enquire.

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102$2480Fairy Lake4/8                                                                  
104$1300Clark Lake2/4                                                                  
107$5000Peninsula Lake4/8                                                                   
108$2400Peninsula Lake3/7                                                                  
114$3800Lake Vernon5/12                                                                  
115$1890Lake Vernon4/8                                                                  
117$10400Otter Lake4/12                                                                  
118$2880Peninsula Lake6/10                                                                  
119$2100Peninsula Lake3/8                                                                  
120$1280Peninsula Lake3/4                                                                  
123$2280Waseosa Lake4/9                                                                  
124$3400Peninsula Lake5/8                                                                  
129$1435Muskoka River3/6                                                                  
130$4400Mary Lake4/8                                                                  
131$1080Chub Lake2/4                                                                  
133$4480Mary Lake5/10                                                                      
134$3500Mary Lake5/10                                                                  
135$4250Tasso Lake4/10                                                                  
136$4480Mary Lake4/12                                                                  
138$4500Mainhood Lake4/10                                                                  
141$3000Waseosa Lake3/8                                                                  
142$2980Waseosa Lake4/8                                                                  
143$3380Waseosa Lake3/8                                                                    
144$2780Waseosa Lake3/6                                                                   
146$1280Muskoka River4/8                                                                  
148$1780Muskoka River3/6                                                                  
149$1550Muskoka River3/6                                                                   
150$1280Muskoka River2/6                                                                  
152$12500Skeleton Lake7/16                                                                     
153$1280Skeleton Lake1/2                                                                  
154$2480Skeleton Lake3/6                                                                      
155$7080Skeleton Lake6/12                                                                   
159$2980Lake Vernon4/8                                                                  
161$1630Oxbow Lake2/4                                                                   
162$1580Oxbow Lake2/6                                                                  
169$920Harp Lake1/2                                                                  
170$4500Walker Lake5/11                                                                  
171$1180Fox Lake2/4                                                                  
172$4580Walker Lake5/8                                                                  
173$1200Fox Lake3/6                                                                  
175$1600Bittern Lake3/7                                                                  
176$1080Bittern Lake2/4                                                                  
178$3380Tasso Lake4/8                                                                  
179$1650Tasso Lake4/8                                                                  
202$1250Healey Lake2/4                                                                  
202D$1350Healey Lake2/4                                                                  
203$1400Healey Lake3/6                                                                  
203A$1400Healey Lake3/6                                                                  
204$1850Healey Lake5/10                                                                  
205$1850Healey Lake5/10                                                                  
206$2880Healey Lake4/8                                                                     
207$1680Healey Lake4/7                                                                  
208$2980Kapikog Lake4/8                                                                  
209$2980Kapikog Lake3/6                                                                  
210$2780Kapikog Lake4/8                                                                  
213$7580Lake Muskoka (Mirror Lake)6/10                                                                      
214$1180Three Mile Lake3/6                                                                  
215$2580Longs Lake2/5                                                                  
216$5000Three Mile Lake5/10                                                                  
217$1300Longs Lake3/6                                                                  
218$1700Three Mile Lake4/8                                                                      
223$2500Lake Muskoka4/10                                                                  
228$2780High Lake4/8                                                                  
229$2100Muldrew Lake3/6                                                                   
230$5000Loon Lake4/8                                                                   
231$1480Muldrew Lake3/6                                                                  
233$1480Three Mile Lake3/6                                                                  
234$1780Kahshe Lake3/7                                                                      
235$1680Doe Lake3/6                                                                  
236$3580Doe Lake6/14                                                                   
237$1280Nine Mile Lake2/6                                                                  
238$2980Bastedo Lake3/8                                                                  
239$3280Clear Lake4/10                                                                  
240$7250Morrison Lake6/12                                                                   
241$2580Morrison Lake5/8                                                                  
244$2580Myers Lake4/8                                                                  
246$1500Morrison Lake3/7                                                                  
254$5900Lake Muskoka6/14                                                                     
255$2300Camel Lake3/6                                                                  
259$4580Hesners Lake4/10                                                                  
261$5000Lake Rosseau5/8                                                                      
262$6980Lake Joseph4/10                                                                  
265$7780Lake Rosseau5/10                                                                      
266$4980Gibson Lake4/10                                                                  
268$2450Healey Lake3/7                                                                  
269$2100Healey Lake3/6                                                                  
270$11500Lake Muskoka6/10                                                                  
271$3480Lake Muskoka5/10                                                                   
272$4980Lake Muskoka4/8                                                                      
273$17000Lake Muskoka7/10                                                                      
274$10000Lake Rosseau4/8                                                                  
276$2880Lake Muskoka3/5                                                                  
277$20080Lake Muskoka5/10                                                                  
279$10080Lake Muskoka5/10                                                                  
280$7280Lake Muskoka5/10                                                                      
281$4780Lake Joseph4/10                                                                   
298$2780Lake Muskoka3/8                                                                  
299$1080Lake Muskoka2/6                                                                  
300$3200Echo Lake4/12                                                                  
301$3000Echo Lake3/8                                                                  
303$3200Echo Lake4/10                                                                   
305$2080Grandview Lake4/8                                                                   
306$2780Lake of Bays (Baysville Narrows)3/10                                                                  
312$4450Lake of Bays3/6                                                                  
313$4980Lake of Bays5/10                                                                      
314$1480Lake of Bays3/5                                                                  
315$1480Lake of Bays3/6                                                                  
316$3500Lake of Bays4/8                                                                  
321$2480Lake of Bays4/8                                                                  
325$3600Menominee Lake4/10                                                                  
328$2850Lake of Bays3/6                                                                  
330$2800Paint Lake5/10                                                                   
331$2400Menominee Lake3/6                                                                  
332$3300Menominee Lake4/10                                                                  
334$3280Kawagama Lake6/12                                                                      
335$4000Kawagama Lake5/10                                                                  
337$2480Kawagama Lake3/8                                                                  
341$5280Kawagama Lake5/10                                                                  
342$2480Kawagama Lake4/8                                                                  
343$2780Menominee Lake3/8                                                                  
347$3580Lake of Bays3/6                                                                  
348$2480Lake of Bays4/10                                                                  
349$2180Bigwind Lake4/8                                                                  
350$2780Prospect Lake4/8                                                                  
351$1580Prospect Lake2/8                                                                  
352$2290Bigwind Lake2/5                                                                  
353$1980Bigwind Lake3/6                                                                  
354$2880Bird Lake3/7                                                                  
356$1980Bigwind Lake3/6                                                                  
358$2975Bigwind Lake4/8                                                                  
359$1780Bigwind Lake4/8                                                                  
360$2700Paint Lake4/8                                                                  
361$4580Wood Lake4/8                                                                      
363$6880Lake of Bays5/10                                                                     
365$13000Lake of Bays7/17                                                                    
373$2280Kawagama Lake3/6                                                                      
374$2280Kawagama Lake4/8                                                                  
375$2780Kawagama Lake4/8                                                                  
378$1590Lake of Bays2/5                                                                  
390$1480Lucy Lake3/5                                                                  
400$2500Lake Cecebe4/10                                                                  
401$3080Pickerel Lake3/6                                                                  
403$1580Perry Lake2/4                                                                  
404$2880Unknown Lake5/10                                                                      
406$2100Clear Lake3/8                                                                  
408$6495Lake Wahwashkesh7/18                                                                   
410$9900Lorimer Lake5/10                                                                      
411$2980Doe Lake4/8                                                                    
412$3200Lake Manitouwabing6/13                                                                    
414$2080Lake Manitouwabing4/8                                                                    
415$2580Lake Manitouwabing3/6                                                                  
417$3080Lake Manitouwabing5/10                                                                  
418$3180Lake Manitouwabing5/8                                                                  
419$3200Lake Manitouwabing5/13                                                                    
421$6000Lake Manitouwabing6/14                                                                  
425$1980Bay Lake3/8                                                                  
429$2400Lake Manitouwabing5/10                                                                  
431$1980Lake Cecebe3/8                                                                  
432$2980Lake Cecebe4/10                                                                  
433$1980Mirage Lake4/8                                                                  
434$1495Mirage Lake3/6                                                                  
435$2480Isabella Lake4/10                                                                  
436$3480Mirage Lake4/8                                                                   
437$1800Ahmic Lake3/8                                                                  
438$3000Mirage Lake4/8                                                                    
439$2580Sand Lake3/6                                                                   
440$2580Ahmic Lake3/6                                                                  
441$2950Star Lake4/10                                                                  
442$1680Ahmic Lake3/6                                                                  
445$2480Whalley Lake4/8                                                                  
450$2455Groom Lake (Lynx Lake)4/10                                                                   
451$3000Eagle Lake4/8                                                                  
453$4200Neighick Lake4/12                                                                  
454$1895Mirage Lake3/8                                                                  
460$1350Isabella Lake3/8                                                                  
461$1600Old Mans Lake3/6                                                                   
466$5980Little Whitefish Lake6/18                                                                    
468$1490Eagle Lake3/6                                                                  
470$1280Eagle Lake3/6                                                                  
472$2500Clam Lake4/8                                                                  
473$980Eagle Lake2/5                                                                  
474$950Eagle Lake2/6                                                                  
475$1380Eagle Lake3/6                                                                  
477$3080Eagle Lake4/10                                                                   
478$3400Clear Lake6/14                                                                  
480$1950Horseshoe Lake3/6                                                                  
482$1595Hog Lake3/6                                                                  
483$2650McKellar Lake5/12                                                                  
484$3600Neighick Lake5/10                                                                  
485$2580Deer Lake2/4                                                                  
486$3580Deer Lake4/9                                                                      
487$1880Deer Lake3/6                                                                  
489$3300Horseshoe Lake3/6                                                                  
491$1480Lake Bernard3/6                                                                   
492$2980Emsdale Lake4/10                                                                  
498$3500Eagle Lake6/15                                                                   
499$1080Bear Lake2/6                                                                   
501$1280Matchedash/Georgian Bay3/6