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Availability Calendar

High Season: Jun 24 - Sep 4, 2023

Click on the 'MONTH' tabs to see the available dates for that month. Note: 'high season' dates shown are by the minimum booking period (week), and for the 'low season', every day is shown, minimum 2 night booking. If availability is showing as undetermined, please enquire.

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105$8080Peninsula Lake5/8                                                                      
107$6500Peninsula Lake4/8                                                                      
109$2580Hidden Valley- access to Pen Lake3/6                                                                      
110$2680Hidden Valley Slopeside3/5                                                                    
112$11950Lake Vernon4/8                                                                      
114$4800Lake Vernon4/10                                                                      
117$10650Otter Lake4/8                                                                     
119$4400Peninsula Lake5/10                                                                      
121$3380Palette Lake3/6                                                                      
123$2795Waseosa Lake4/9                                                                      
124$3800Peninsula Lake4/7                                                                      
125$4980Clark Lake4/8                                                                      
126$4980Clark Lake5/10                                                                      
131$1680Chub Lake2/4                                                                      
133$4980Mary Lake3/6                                                                      
143$3800Waseosa Lake3/6                                                                      
144$3280Waseosa Lake3/6                                                                      
145$2880Muskoka River4/8                                                                      
146$1880Muskoka River4/8                                                                      
147$5480Muskoka River4/8                                                                      
148$2980Muskoka River3/6                                                                      
149$2450Muskoka River3/6                                                                      
150$4000Muskoka River4/8                                                                      
153$1580Skeleton Lake1/2                                                                      
154$2800Skeleton Lake3/7                                                                      
155$10000Skeleton Lake5/18                                                                      
157$5080Skeleton Lake3/7                                                                      
160$2980Tasso Lake3/6                                                                      
166$2380Rebecca Lake3/6                                                                      
167$3580Brooks Lake4/6                                                                      
170$6500Walker Lake5/10                                                                      
172$3080Fox Lake3/6                                                                      
173$1580Fox Lake2/4                                                                      
174$6580Langford Lake4/10                                                                      
176$1780Bittern Lake2/4                                                                      
202$1600Healey Lake2/4                                                                     
202D$1700Healey Lake2/4                                                                     
203$1750Healey Lake3/6                                                                    
203A$1750Healey Lake3/6                                                                   
204$2200Healey Lake5/10                                                                      
205$2200Healey Lake5/10                                                                      
206$3350Healey Lake4/8                                                                      
209$4580Kapikog Lake4/8                                                                      
212$3180Three Mile Lake4/8                                                                      
215$3580Longs Lake2/4                                                                      
216$5500Three Mile Lake5/10                                                                      
217$1900Longs Lake3/6                                                                      
218$4980Three Mile Lake5/10                                                                      
219$3580Three Mile Lake4/8                                                                      
221$5080Camel Lake4/8                                                                      
222$8080Camel Lake8/16                                                                      
231$2980Riley Lake3/5                                                                      
236$3780Doe Lake6/14                                                                      
237$1580Nine Mile Lake2/6                                                                      
240$8950Morrison Lake6/12                                                                      
242$5580Muldrew Lake4/8                                                                      
243$6080Long Lake3/8                                                                      
246$1900Morrison Lake3/8                                                                   
247$4350Morrison Lake5/11                                                                      
260$25000Lake Rosseau7/16                                                                      
265$11500Lake Rosseau5/10                                                                      
266$6880Gibson Lake4/8                                                                      
267$6880Gibson Lake6/12                                                                    
268$2975Healey Lake3/7                                                                      
269$2575Healey Lake3/6                                                                      
270$12500Lake Muskoka6/10                                                                      
272$4998Lake Muskoka4/8                                                                      
274$14000Lake Rosseau4/8                                                                      
275$7080Lake Muskoka (Bear Bay)4/10                                                                      
276$20000Lake Muskoka7/10                                                                      
277$15080Lake Muskoka5/10                                                                      
279$15080Lake Muskoka5/10                                                                      
281$5380Lake Joseph4/10                                                                      
282$8600Lake Joseph4/7                                                                      
284$3580Lake Rosseau3/6                                                                      
285$5200Shadow River5/10                                                                      
286$4580Sucker Lake5/10                                                                      
291$5680Lake Joseph4/8                                                                      
301$3300Echo Lake3/6                                                                     
302$6280Echo Lake6/11                                                                      
303$4000Echo Lake3/6                                                                      
305$2880Grandview Lake4/6                                                                      
306$5580Wildcat Lake6/14                                                                      
307$5980Dickie Lake4/9                                                                      
308$5280Lake of Bays4/8                                                                      
310$6000Lake of Bays3/6                                                                   
311$5000Lake of Bays2/5                                                                  
312$5580Lake of Bays3/6                                                                      
313$6580Lake of Bays6/8                                                                      
314$1650Lake of Bays3/4                                                                      
315$6080Lake of Bays5/10                                                                      
318$2580Lake of Bays2/6                                                                      
320$6280Lake of Bays4/8                                                                      
322$4980Lake of Bays4/10                                                                      
323$9780Lake of Bays5/8                                                                      
325$4800Menominee Lake3/6                                                                      
328$4500Lake of Bays3/6                                                                   
329$4880Menominee Lake4/8                                                                      
330$3650Paint Lake3/6                                                                      
331$2880Menominee Lake3/6                                                                      
332$2080Menominee Lake3/6                                                                      
334$4180Kawagama Lake6/12                                                                      
335$4000Kawagama Lake4/9                                                                      
337$2180Kawagama Lake2/5                                                                      
339$4380Kawagama Lake3/6                                                                      
340$13000Kawagama Lake8/16                                                                      
342$3250Kawagama Lake4/8                                                                      
344$2580Wren Lake4/10                                                                      
346$3580Bird Lake4/8                                                                      
347$2080Bigwind Lake2/4                                                                      
348$3080Bigwind Lake4/10                                                                      
349$2580Bigwind Lake4/7                                                                   
351$2380Prospect Lake2/8                                                                      
352$3015Bigwind Lake2/5                                                                      
353$2880Bigwind Lake3/6                                                                      
354$3580Bird Lake3/7                                                                      
355$2580Bigwind Lake3/6                                                                      
356$2580Bigwind Lake3/6                                                                  
358$5380Clear Lake4/8                                                                      
359$2580Bigwind Lake4/6                                                                      
360$2580Wood Lake3/6                                                                      
361$5280Wood Lake4/8                                                                      
364$5880Lake of Bays4/8                                                                      
365$17000Lake of Bays7/14                                                                      
368$3580Wood Lake4/8                                                                      
379$5980Slipper Lake4/10                                                                      
389$4680Oxtongue Lake4/8                                                                      
390$1550Lucy Lake3/5                                                                      
391$7580Oxtongue Lake5/10                                                                      
401$4080Pickerel Lake3/6                                                                      
402$4580Horn Lake4/10                                                                      
405$5000Horn Lake6/10                                                                      
410$20000Lorimer Lake5/10                                                                      
412$3500Lake Manitouwabing6/13                                                                      
416$3980Lake Manitouwabing4/8                                                                      
418$4900Lake Manitouwabing5/10                                                                      
419$4080Lake Manitouwabing5/13                                                                      
420$3080Lake Manitouwabing4/8                                                                      
421$8500Lake Manitouwabing6/14                                                                      
430$2475Foote Lake2/4                                                                      
434$1895Mirage Lake3/6                                                                  
436$3580Sand Lake4/8                                                                      
438$4500Mirage Lake4/9                                                                      
439$3280Sand Lake3/6                                                                   
440$2480Whitestone Lake3/7                                                                      
441$3800Star Lake4/10                                                                      
442$2480Ahmic Lake3/5                                                                      
443$3750Shawanaga Lake3/12                                                                      
446$2880Lake Cecebe3/6                                                                      
451$3500Eagle Lake4/8                                                                      
453$5200Neighick Lake4/12                                                                      
454$2295Mirage Lake3/8                                                                      
456$8080Whitestone Lake5/10                                                                      
460$3580Simmons Lake3/7                                                                   
461$3080Old Mans Lake3/6                                                                      
464$3660Big Whitefish Lake4/10                                                                      
468$1690Eagle Lake3/6                                                                      
471$2480Eagle Lake4/9                                                                      
472$2880Clam Lake4/8                                                                      
475$1640Eagle Lake3/6                                                                     
477$4280Eagle Lake5/8                                                                     
478$3500Clear Lake6/14                                                                      
481$9880Deer Lake4/14                                                                      
482$4980Horseshoe Lake6/12                                                                      
484$5000Neighick Lake5/10                                                                      
487$2280Deer Lake3/6                                                                      
488$3580Neighick Lake3/8                                                                      
489$4080Horseshoe Lake3/6                                                                      
490$10080Spring Lake4/10                                                                      
491$1480Lake Bernard3/6                                                                      
498$5900Eagle Lake6/15                                                                      
499$1580Bear Lake2/4                                                                      
501$1895Matchedash/Georgian Bay3/8                                                                      
503$4980Little Lake5/12                                                                      
505$15080Six Mile Lake4/14                                                                      
506$5080Georgian Bay4/10                                                                      
507$3280Little Lake4/8                                                                      
508$4580Gloucester Pool3/6                                                                      
509$7580Gloucester Pool6/12                                                                      
510$7480Gloucester Pool4/8