fbpx Top Reasons to Rent Out Your Cottage with CottageVacations.com

Roundup of Key Benefits

There are many benefits to working through CottageVacations.com to rent out your cottage.

  • Cottage rental income can be quite significant. It can be used to help offset the rising costs of owning a waterfront property (mortgage, taxes, insurance), pay for property improvements (a new gazebo or dock) or to help fund that new boat that you want. 
  • The income received can be offset by specific tax deductible expenses. The proportionate amount of your cottage taxes, utilities, insurance, mortgage interest, and maintenance costs, as well as our fees may be deductible from rental income. Consult your accountant to be sure you take advantage of all the allowable deductions.
  • An occupied cottage is less likely to be targeted by thieves.
  • We take care of all internet marketing, advertising, screening of applicants, contracts, rent collection and administration involved in renting out your cottage. All costs including marketing, long-distance phone calls, mail and courier charges are included in our rates.

But the biggest benefit of all is peace of mind. Using CottageVacations.com gives you the confidence that your cottage is being represented by professionals. You can trust that we’re taking care of all the details, and that your property is being well-respected and well-served throughout the rental process. 

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